I am 14 and haven’t had any *** yet is this normal?

Q:I am 14 and haven’t had any *** yet is this normal?
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Don’t feel bad I did’nt start until 5 months before my 18 Birthday,but it’s on and poppin now.
Yes, you’re only 14 years old. This is very normal, don’t worry about it. It will happen when the time is right.
Seen none of what? Semen? Wait till you finish puberty.
I’ll be there for you baby and you’ll C U M like crazy.
not having three stars by the time you’re 14 is perfectly normal. not having banged a hot girl by that time is not though.
Yes this is normal. Enjoy yourself, and save the sex for when you feel responsible enough to support kids.
What? Dude I hope you dont mean sex. Ugh, ppl our age (13 or only a few yrs older) need to STOP worrying about sex so much. Now you have little 11 or 12 yr olds losing their virginity, and its like WTF? Sex is supposed to be a gift from God, to married couples who actually mean something to each other, not a random everyday thing that you do with random people. Being 14 and not having sex it BEYOND NORMAL, I’m surprised it’s even a question.
normal healthly hooray
Are you saying you haven’t had sex yet? Normal? Oh my. Where did you get this idea from? I waited until I got married to have sex, I got married when I was almost 19. My cousin waited til she was 25! My suggestion is to wait. It’s better that way, whether you believe in God or not. I believe, by the way!
Very normal. Just worry if you’re in college and still haven’t had any.
i assume you mean sex? yes and wait. lie if you feel that it will save face with your friends, but don’t actually do it. you want to be a daddy anytime soon? no? then masturbate.
If your asking about Azz..then no. most men or boys lie about when they did ‘it’ for the first time because they think they look more macho or manly for it. this is because of insecurity issues they have. Most men dont lose their virginity until 17 (37%) or 18 (60%) the three percent left over are earlier or later. if you mean semen or KUM….then you are fine…wait awhile buddy. right now all you get is that cool tingly feeling. later you’ll be wishing that is all you got. too messy that ***business. i know the ladies agree. i dont wanna kno
Not only is it norman it’s good! 14 is to young! Way to young! Not that you couldn’t, you just shouldn’t and your brain is not mature enough yet to be able to understand why. Worst thing to do is rush into having sex!
I changed my answer…. Hehe, I thought you meant sex… I don’t know. I’m female.
Yeah. When you get 43 is when you should start questioning.
the day you actually feel comfortable saying sex and other sexual words you just might be that much closer to experiencing them.
do you mean *** or sex??
if you might be ready for a possible child, then you might be ready; what is normal and what is right can be two totally different things now-a-days. it seems younger kids (no offense meant) are getting more and more sexually active, without thinking of the consequences.Wait a few more years, you might find someone you totally fall for, and she for you. It is well worth the wait, I assure you. Besides, you might also think of the different diseases around right now, and like I said before you are too young to be taking care of a kid (condoms are not 100% sure or safe, the only safe se* is none).
I’m pretty sure the *** comes later.
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