I hate having vitiligo it makes me look ugly?

Q:I hate having vitiligo it makes me look ugly?
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I completely understand where you are coming from… I am 23 years old and have had vitiligo since I was 5. I was teased terribly when I was younger, so much that I wore long sleeves even when it was 103degrees outside. My parents were very supportive and helped me so much. They bought me the makeup to cover it, and the medications to take (didnt work). I finally got tired of that and realized it wasn’t going to get better, so why not accept it as a part of me and grow with it?I accepted who I was, and my friends did also. After a while, I nor did they even notice it. I still have people walk up to me and say “Ugh, what’s that?” and point to it. I just explain what I know about it, and usually they ask questions, become interested, and see it in a different light. My friends look at them weird at first, because they have forgotten I even have it, since they are used to it. My fiance actually loves my spots. He loves to rub the spot over my shoulder and kiss it. It makes me feel like something I find ugly, he finds beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I got the courage to enter a beauty pageant when I was 17. I was told to cover my spots, because they weren’t beautiful. I polity said “No, my spots are me, and they aren’t beautiful, but I will never cover up my imperfections. I will not go on stage fake. I want the young girls in the audience to see me and my imperfections. I want them to see that beauty is beauty, no matter what.” I won that pageant, and many after that.I still feel myself get “down” sometimes, especially in the summer. I just look at myself, and say, I was given these spots for a reason, reason may be to show confidence and beauty through something most people don’t find as beauty, or to educate the public… either way, I do my best. Stay positive. well…just wear long clothes or swimsuit covers
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