I have a bump on the lip of my vagina how do I get rid of it?

Q:Last week I was washing and I felt a hard bump on the lip of my vagina. I went to the emergency room and they told me its nothing. I went to the STD clinic and they told me it was nothing. I went to the GYN and they said its nothing. Its small and hard. It doesnt hurt. I feel very insecure when having sex. I wont let me boyfriend go down on me because I do not want him to feel or see it. I want this thing to go away. The doctors that I have seen told me to go to a dermatologist. I also have a bump right on the bottom of my ***. But when I lay on my back you can see it. The one on my butt is not hard i think it has puss in it. Has anyone ever gone through these types of things? Getting bumps or breaking out around the private area?
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It may be a plugged up sebaceous gland- which is nothing= nothing to worry about= be glad it is not herpes- I had a huge sebaceous cyst on my head and had it cut out- if they are not totally removed or emptied they come back-D D
I know exactly what u are going thru. when i get those (which might be twice a year) i pop them. it sounds gross but it gets rid of the puss inside and they eventually go away. especially the one on your vagina. it may be sore for a day or two but it beats the heck out of feeling the bumps all the time. good luck
There are a number of things this could be, the one that comes to mind is a boil, though and they can spread from area to area, so be careful. Boils are typically harmless if they go away by themselves. If it’s been awhile and it’s painful, there may be other alternatives that your physician can offer. Have you heard of MRSA (pronounced Mer-Sah)? MRSA is making a comeback recently and it’s an infection that is resistant to many different kinds of antibiotics, that’s why it’s best to speak with your physician. Boils are filled with Staph bacteria, and if they’re in areas that are hard to keep clean and dry, they may exacerbate and become worse and painful. Keep an eye on them- make sure they’re not getting bigger, or draining and talk with your doctor about what he or she thinks that they are. And never EVER be too embarrassed to ask questions about things like this. You wouldn’t believe how many people are in the same situation! Good luck!
i know someone that had a large bump right between the but cheeks..it just kept getting bigger it was softshe had surgeryit turned out to be just a benign cystas for the one on the vagina, i can’t believe that a dr could just ignore thatget a second opinion
maybe you should wash more then once a week
I suggest you do as your doctor recommended. See a dermatologist. It has already been confirmed it isn’t an STD or disease. Most likely it is just some kind of cyst. A Dermatologist would know more.
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rub it alot
I had one many years ago, I knew it wasn’t an STD because I was a virgin. The doctor froze it off my butt like you would a wart.
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