I have a Large vain sticking out of my Penis! What is it?

Q:I’m 11 years old and I have a very large vain sticking thats out of the top of my Penis ( It look blue) and its been there for about a year.- Is it a desaise?- Should I be worryed ?Plus around my Penis is itchy some time ( out brakes of it )Plus my Penis is very small ( I think)
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it’s not a wort it may be a blood vain.
the vain is normal sweetie and the itching is prolly cause u r growing hair.dont freak out .you gonna go threw alot of changes.
Any penis has a vein in the middle.If it’s so little is better to don’t show it around and in any case you later could get no worry getting gay then.
Highest amounts of exercise, in compared to your age and long hikes can increase the maturation level of prowess. Prowess is not common, so few people exercise properly it is a privilege naturally arranged by nature. The veins must grow strong enough to support the inner cleansing of the organs to reproduction. Some people have powerful child producing genetics, this will become average out, and the size of your body increases to quite a lot larger as an adult. Clean showering, bathing can be enhanced by some lotions, to give you less naturally wild smells, and hair growth. The better you groom through bathing, the better you will feel.
I have the same kind of vein. It has been there since birth and it isn’t a problem. And don’t worry about your size. It will get bigger when you reach puberty and grow hair down there.
You are perfectly normal!And you are still growing so size means nothing now.
It’s normal to have large veins on your penis.
It is one of the dorsal veins in the penis — In fact it is the superficial one in that it is close to the skin and visible. This superficial vein drains the prepuce and skin of the penis, and, running backward in the subcutaneous tissue.As for the itching — your growing up and probably are growing pubic hair –also make sure to keep clean and dry. Many young men run around — do a lot of exercise which will cause you to sweat — in the enclosed area. However if you have rashes, bumps or breaks in skin go seek medical treatment.
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