I have to do a Speech on Stress, any suggestions?

Q:How do you handle stress? What are the symptoms? What do you do when you are stressed out? What are the diagnosis or treatments. Any advice? 0-)
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Free anecdote — I have too much stress. I now have chronic back pain from stress. I have acid reflux from stress. I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome from stress. I have welts from scratching phantom itches from stress. I have these neat skin holes on my wrist when stress caused me to scratch and little bumps rose … turns out these were blisters caused by stress, and when the blisters dried up and popped, holes in my skin. I’m losing my hair from stress (I have a bald spot right at the nape of my neck since so much fell out). And last but not least, I have a really short temper, which I am attributing to stress. 5 stress meds and the conditions are all somewhat controlled (except the hair loss and the skin itches) but the stress is still killing me. 🙂
There are a ton of medical problems caused by stress. I suggest you pick one, like stress headaches and the treatment to discuss. Stress can cause everything from headaches to heart attacks, weight gain, you name it. When I am stressed I hold the tension in my neck and shoulders, if not alleviated it will progress up my scalp……then the muscles literally squeeze your head. At that point massage and painkillers have no effect the only treatment is muscle relaxants. Now when it starts to happen I take the time to let go and relax……
Well first you should look up some facts on stress. And then pull from your own experiences with stress. Use examples. Some people do counted breathing exercises, some people eat, some people draw or paint to relieve stress…everyone has their own way of releiving stress. Interview some people.
Try these:http://www.webmd.com/hw/health_guide_atoz/sts15463.asp?navbar=hw153409http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stress_%28medicine%29Interesting topic. Good luck on your speech!
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