I have to have an echocardiogram on Monday.see details?

Q:I have had 2 heart attacks in the past. I have an Internal Cardiac Defribrillator that has never fired. I am tired a lot and can’t walk far at all w/out needing to sit, I have to use one of those electric carts in the grocery store. The Doctor thinks my heart may not be pumping a sufficient amount of blood. Can anyone clarify? What’s the prognosis if that’s the case? I am only 34.
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oh dear, I am not a doctor but it is not a good sign at your age what is the problem you have a history of that in the family, drugs, over weight?? there is so much they can do now days to help the heart, seek many opions from different doctors and get this under control. My grandmother is going to be 80 yrs old jan. 07. she has been having problems with her heart. she just had a passmaker put it and she seems to be doing better. I would stay off my feet if you feel that your heart is not getting enough blood. laying down allows the heart to pump easier. YOU MITE NEED A HEART TRANSPLANT.
First of all, DON’T listen to these answers. These people have no idea what they are talking about. No one could. Do you think someone could diagnose you properly online, doctor or not? No! Get to your cardiologist. If you don’t have one, get one. Don’t put this off. If you have an AICD, a cardiologist had to put it in. Also, don’t you get it checked every three months, or so? If you have problems, you can have it checked anytime. Like pain, your symptoms are a warning. Listen to them.GrizzIf you are a layman, stay out of this catagory. You have no business answering ANY medical questions. Do you realize how much danger you could be putting people in? Obviously, you don’t. Well intentioned does not count. Telling someone they may need a heart transplant. Unbelievable.This is a horrific problem. DO NOT give your opinions, because that’s all they are. Your opinions could actually kill someone. I just don’t understand the gall people have. It’s absolutly insane. given those symptoms, I’m surprised he is not sending you for a nuclear/stress test. the one you are going in for is for valve problems.
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