I need some Info on online docs?

Q:Ive heard you can go online and get meds from a doctor or order meds online without a prescription….Does anyone have any suggestions where I might find one? My med ins doesnt start til mid dec and ive moved. I know theyre out there just dont know where to go??? any suggestions?of cancer? Just opinion, not a
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Services of this type are available online, but I would strongly advise against this. Call your County Medical Society, and this will give you a list of local healthcare providers. The cost for an uncomplicated office visit of a new patient may be as low as $60 (it is in my office), while the cost of an online error may be deadly.
lol no real US doctor would be willing to diagnose you and write a prescription online. most of these services are either scams or set up in foreign countries (in which case it is illegal to get Rx drugs from them)if you really need to see a doc and cant afford it, go to a local county clinic theyre usually free. most states have them, doesnt matter what your income level is they dont ask questions.
Any doctor that will diagnose and treat without seeing you is not looking for your best interests. It very likely is a scam but even if not it is unlikely a person can be completely accurate. The most they should do is advise that you can bring to a local doctor . I suggest you research your symptoms and get advise right now and do the self help you can to get you till when you can see a doctor.
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