id like to set fire to my face. what is the best method?

Q:id like to set fire to my face. what is the best method?
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Gasoline, frankenstein.
2 sticks.
try fireworks. wouldnt work that well, but it would be funny.
I normally coat mine in candle wax and then light it. The old reliable oxy-acetylene torch works good too.
are you totally nuts
You must be mad to even ask such a ?If thats how y feel , you need help, go and talk to your GP ASAP.
LOL dipshit
petrol and a light u fool
Spray deodorant on your face (make sure you close your eyes). Get a match or lighter and hold it near your face. The fumes from the deodorant should light, without actually burning your skin.Please note: I don’t know of this ever being done on skin. All I know is stories my brother told me of people spraying deodorant on their clothes and then lighting the fumes, which didn’t burn the cloth. You may want to test this on some clothing first, and then maybe on your arm, before going all the way and trying it on your face. I take no responsibility for any injuries you may sustain.
Are you getting crazy?!?!
Get a chance to have a look at some newsreels where people pour gas on their face and head and then light it for the camera. They thought that it was pretty funny until about 2 seconds after the match was lit. The camera filmed and the crew tried to save the guy and he died on camera. If that is your aim, then gasoline is your tool of choice. What is your treatment objective? If it is to get rid of acne, then a simple palm sander with 60 grit will help with that process.
light your hair with a match. God you need help.
Eat “RED HOTS” brand candy (or something similar). Eat a whole handful at once.
To make napalm mix equal parts polystyrene, petrol and benzene. It will stick like a ***** to your face and then you can use your preferred method of ignition. A *** would do it but a match is gud too… Petrol and a match….WHY?!?
Take one syringe, fill with petrol, inject in face at moderate intervals, swab entire face with same. Wash your hands (you don’t want these to go up in flames too now do you) and light a match.Bingo. Gringo.
Once you’re in hell for killing urself, u won’t have to worry about it, cause u’ll be on fire all the time!
My favorite is hairspray and a lighter! It will take a real man to actually stand there and keep doing it until you melt some skin! Best of luck!
Shove a candle up each nostril & one in each ear but shove these ones in really deep cos theres obviously nothing in there to hold them, marinate your whole head in a bowl of petrol for a couple of hours, then simply light the candles & if the vapours dont ignite your thick stupid head instantly you can at least watch the candles burning down before we are finally fc uking rid of another yahoo ar sehole
Are you completely mad?And to those of you who have answered this persons question – stop encouraging him……….
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