if i squeeze my balls when i ejaculate will more sperm come out of my penis?

Q:if i squeeze my balls when i ejaculate will more sperm come out of my penis?
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Yes do do it! The best thing is to get your balls crushed between two bricks.
No, but it will hurt a lot! No but it will feel like it does.
Yes and no.What’s happening when you do that is that you are costricting the tubes that run from your testicles to your prostate. Thereby “backing up” the flow of traffic as it were. When you masturbate, and release the pressure on your testes, you release that “backed up” traffic, and it is quickly sent on its way. The result is a SPEED increase in flow, not the actual quantity of sperm ejaculated.The sensation of having your testes held or, in your case, squeezed (and this shouldn’t be done TOO tightly -to prevent long-term damage), can be a nice blending of pleasure and pain, and can enhance and highten the experience, which may also contribute to an exceptionally fast “launch”. Remember that your brain is involved in this to. Pleasure and pain receptors fire off signals, stimulation from both your penis and testicles send their messages, too. You may want to have someone rub your nipples at the same time. Now THAT is an experience!Anyway, just be careful. They are the only two you’ve got, man!Oh, BTW, if you’re of legal age in your state, you may want to look into going to an adult “toy” store or adult leather shop, and look into “ball-stretchers”. These are made of various materials, from latex to leather, and come in varying styles and sizes. Most of them (the best ones) are adjustable (either using velcro or snaps) and may give you similar stimulation. There are also combination units you can get: plain stretchers; stretcher-separators (which wrap around the testicles, but have an additional strap for separating the testicles); stretcher-separators with c0ckrings; and stretcher-separators with a ring on the separator strap for attaching weight. There are also units that combine all of the above.If you’re interested, but are embarrassed, or can’t find these things in your home town, you can order online from my personal favorite store: Mr. S Leather in San Francisco. They cater to the BD/SM community – straight or gay!Here’s a link. You can call for the real URL:http://sanfrancisco.citysearch.com/profile/867895/?brand=smx_shopping-ncHave fun!
No, Do not squeeze your testicles when ejaculating sperm. it will only make you feel pressure on the testicles and pain. if you want to ejaculate alot of sperm, it can also be that you reduce the number of times you masturbate. it is also that when you ejaculate sperm, it is more or less a fix amount. so do not get the wrong concept that squeezing the testicles will help to ejaculate more sperm.
dude thats gross. arent you afraid that somone will report you.
no .but if you stick a finger up your a$$ and squeeze your prostate maybe..
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