If you dont take the medicne for the following?

Q:AIDS, HIV, any STDS like that how long will it take before you notice it and how long will you have long left to live?where can you get tested?
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if you don’t take medicine for AIDS or HIV then you will die. You won’t notice that you have until the AIDS stage and you start getting physical symptoms. If you are sexually active and are not using protection then you should be getting tested every 6 months for all STDs including HIV. Sometimes you could have been exposed and it can lay dormant for 7 years. As far as the STD’s go, you can go to any website about STD and find out the signs and syptoms of all STD and what happends if they go untreated. Its alot worse for a woman than a man GO FIGURE
For crying out loud USE A CONDOM and you will have to worry a LOT less about sh!t like this
well it depends on how bad your have them, but its never good to go off of them, unless your doc tells you to, and you can get tested at your doc, or any free clinic near you, teehee you can get tested at any local health department. also, many big cities have free testing offered by churches and other organizations. as far as life expectancy, it varys by person.
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