in my vision i see black dots?

Q:i. have done test for all kinds everything is fine but these dots are getting alittle bigger and more. i see black dots in my vision.. one doc told me it was sign of old age .i am 57. do i need to worry
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hmm interesting. maybe u should see your eye doctor. btw, middle eastern men are very sexy too. I don’t think they like black women too much though. i’m 13 and i have black dots but i never really thought of anything about it.
Maybe you should go Xaviers Home for The Gifted. (the home of mutants in x men) Check for parasites in your eye. (bugs)[email protected]
Those are usually called “floaters”, and they’re basically bits of undissolved organic material literally “floating” in the gel part of your eye. They aren’t a big deal unless they start impeding with vision, which can be a sign of a tear somewhere in your eye. If you’ve seen an optomitrist and they can’t find any tear then it’s just floaters (which unfortunately do get worse with age). your lucky, i only have 1 little black dot, but he’s cool, i named him Marvin, lol j/k but i do have one
I think you need to go to a reputable opthomologist and have them give you a good dots could be a detached retina or ?.old age is not a appropriate answer. The older one gets the more of these “floaters” are visible.generally nothing to worry about, it is actually cells floating in the albumen of your eyeball. note how when you try to look directly at one it skids away from your line of sight. That said however, if there are a great great many then you’d be better off seeing your eye doctor, not an optometrist.
They are called floaters and you can find more info on it on: yes, it is a sign of getting older, and isn’t it just a blast getting older!!I am enjoying it immensely too!!
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