iron deficieny anemia…how do I know if I have it?

Q:I’m 19, and I’m having stomach pains daily, plus dizziness and fatigue. This has been going on for months now. My doctor suspected dehydration, but more water didn’t really help. My mom said I could be anemic. Should I go back to the doctor’s? Are there any other possibilities?
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You would need to have bloodwork done to see if you are anemic. As for the dehydration issue, I have had problems for the past year despite drinking more than my eight glasses a day. I only just discovered out the problem the other day in that I drink water at work which is deminirealized and will not help my body hydrate properly. You may want to try to drink spring water to see if that helps. This link explains it. should push your doctor to get to the bottom of it. if you have an addiction to ice chewing or have a craving for dirt, you may be anemic. but yor symptoms decribe about a million different diseases
Go to an emergency room if you have insurance, they will run all the necessary tests, including blood work to see if your anemic, stomach pains can be from a variety of things. Women are more prone to be anemic due to having monthly periods. If your symptoms coincide with your periods and you have heavy periods then it could be anemia. If you are anemic they may start you on iron pills. Eat a well balanced diet, no soda and take a daily womens vitamin. also get a pregnancy test.
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