is it normal to run a fever 3 days after gall bladder surgery?

Q:is it normal to run a fever 3 days after gall bladder surgery?
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I don’t know if its normal but you should definitly give your surgeon or doctor a call just to make sure. They’d know better than anyone since they know your medical history and they are used to those kinds of questions. i would call your doctor. fever is a sign of infection.
yes it is normal just keep taking the meds you will be ok Source(s):had gall stone 2 inches in diameter last feb operated on took it out and gall bladder
no, contact your doctor and report this to him as soon as possible
My Dad just had a hernia operation and ran a fever for 4 days. I called the Dr the first night, because his temp was over 102. My aunt had bypass surgery and she ran a temp for several days. Her Dr said to keep taking aspirin every four hrs. My Dad had blood test and xrays and it was confirmed nothing going on. I understand many people run into this but no problems afterward.It may be the traumatic our bodies go through and the body is trying to accommodate the difference. I heard it may be from the anesthesia. Many people get chills and run a fever afterwards. Which happened to my daughter when she had several teeth pulled. She had chills so bad, I called their office and they told me that was normal. It happens to some people and it was from the anesthesia. Just inform your DR, just in case. your doctor you may need an antibiotic
Fever. in many cases, is associated with infection. You should contact your Dr. and tell him about your fever. You may have an infection and need some type of antibiotic.
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