is it ok for my for 6 year old child to play with an hiv positive child?

Q:They play in the house mostly, for hours. and are there any safety precautions i should take in the house and elsewhere?
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Of course it is………now naive are you? Please read about how HIV is spread……..
It is perfectly fine for the children to play, maybe at some point, come up with some fun teaching exercises of what your child should do if for some reason the other child becomes injured, just so that your child knows in his/her own way to becareful of blood and such. Make the learning exercise fun and interesting, at that age, children are eager to learn and I think that it is important for both children, for your child to be aware that blood in general can be dangerous and that he/she knows to come to you if the other child is injured in your home. I may even go as far as getting a first aide kit that includes gauze, tape and some special gloves that prevent the transfer of blood through the gloves to the skin, paramedics wear these types of gloves…hope this helps. No safety precautions needed. He can’t get HIV from touching the kid unless the kid had blood all over his hands.
well as long as they don’t share blood or anything like that then yeah it is ok
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This is not meant to sound mean or paranoid, But it is not safe unless you constantly supervise them, Children can hurt themselves quite easily and quickly which might expose your child to biological fluids.
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