Is it possible to have diabties and not know it?

Q:If I am tierd all the time exhausted, and weak. and have fainted and work. is it possible to develop diabeties and not know it?
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It is possible. I had a friend that had it for 10 years and didn’t know it. Of course, she didn’t have regular check-ups with her doctor. Your doctor can determine this with just a simple urine test. He probably will then send you for a “fasting” blood test. I would contact your doctor and he’ll probably do a series of tests on you to also check for anemia amongst other things.
You also might want to have your thyroid checked out as well, that can be done with a simple blood test.
well when my dad got it he was always wanting water and was always grumpy and no he wasn’t fat he Had type 2
Yes, it is very possible. Make an appointment with your doctor and have him/her check.
Get off the computer and go see a doctor. There is obviously something majorly wrong. If you are a female u could be pregnant.
yes,it may be possible to have diabeties.Firstly, these are the most common symptoms of diabties.and it may be possible that u r not knowing it because these symptoms r most familiar to us.these may be due to fever.Secondly,informationto these particular symptoms is very important.U can have diseases related to them. the main symptoms of diabties are:frequent urination,thirst&hunger increasingly.tingling sensation in hands &legs,most common are tiredness&weakness
Yes. Most people do not know they have diabetes until informed by a doctor. I would recommend discussing your symptoms with your physician and he/she can make appropriate diagnoses and/or authorize the necessary tests.
Yes, it is. My sister was just diagnosed because she kept insisting a yeast infection would not clear up. After running more test and getting a thorough check up, it was determined she had it. You may want to get check out, especially if it runs in your family
Absolutely! According to the American Diabetes Association there are about 6.2 million Americans that have Diabetes and don’t know it. I recommend that you get a blood test asap to find out why you’re feeling so lousy.
Yes, type-2 diabetes. I suggest seeing a physician. Your symptoms could be any number of things.
you could have hyploglycemia, you might want to get it checked out.
there are two types of diabetes, one type is developed when you are older or very overweight, this type of diabetes can go undiagnosed for some time, this is when complications can occur. the other type is juvenile diabetes and if you have this it is very unlikely you would not know it because you get very sick very quickly. initial symptoms are extreme thirst(Glass Water every 5 min) and loss of appetite, as well as needing to wee alot and feeling very tired. sounds more like hypoglycemia when you burn up energy very quckly, or hyperthyroidism. Are you Eating Well?
Yes, but have you checked for anemia?
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