Is it true that people whose names rhyme with "virus" are immune to colds?

Q:I once met a girl named IRIS who said SHE’D NEVER HAD A COLD IN HER LIFE because her name rhymed with the word virus, hence, the cold viruses revere her as one of their own. Does this mean that no one with a name like “Iris” or “Cyrus” can get the common cold? If so, then why do parents continue to name their children things like Courtney, Brandon, Elizabeth, and Matthew? Why aren’t there more people named Iris, Cyrus, Miress, and Tyrus if their names grant them immunity to viruses like the ones that cause colds? Has there ever, since the earth was created, been a person named Iris, Cyrus, or the like who got a cold or a virus like the flu? Please tell me, because as far as I know Iris has never had a cold in her life while everyone else has. Is her first name the reason that Iris has never been sick in her life?
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Oh my GOSH! That’s my sister Iris you’re talking about! She really made her reputation with that silly statement, didn’t she? Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but my sister has had colds all her life — she gave ’em to me when I was a baby and I gave ’em to her when I went to school. Now, we’re about even at a low # per yr. and we usually don’t even share them. So no, IT’S NOT true (get it, snot?) that my sister is immune to colds because of her name. Mom named her that because she loves irises and knew a nice lady with that name, so never once did she consider that it rhymed with “virus.” (It’s also a part of the eye.) The cold thing is just something she started saying in 7th grade to be silly but continued saying because it reminded her of Mr. Kolodzy and the negative attention he gave her for it. But after almost 10 years, she’s still thinking up new ways to advertise it, like this shirt she made in 2003 that says, “I HAVE NEVER HAD A COLD IN MY LIFE,” and this poster she made with the following poem: If you name your babies Sue and Lou, They’ll probably never get the flu, But if you name them Iris and Cyrus, I KNOW they’ll never get a virus!It’s a Christmas poster and has Santa saying, “You mean Dancer and Prancer can never get cancer?” as she answers, “That’s right, Mr. Claus!” She just doesn’t realize how old it’s getting and how tired people are of hearing it! my friend Syrus gets sick all the time so no
no and this is a stupid question. stay in school. Nope it’s a myth. You’re thinking too much. Get a popsicle and go watch cartoons.
no it is not true Silly! Thanks for the points.
Hello, my name is Iris and I believe I’m the very person you’re talking about, Kriss. But as much as it hurts me to have to do this, I must tell the millions of viewers out there that it is WRONG to believe that I’VE NEVER HAD A COLD IN MY LIFE because it isn’t true! Some people, like my good-looking 7th grade history teacher, will unfortunately go to their graves believing the silly notion that my name caused me to never get a cold in my entire 23 years of life. However, if you spoke with my mother you’d know otherwise — she’d say I never HAVEN’T had a cold in any ONE of those 23 years! Remember, she named me Iris because of the flower, NOT because she thought I’d be immune to colds. However, I HAVE been a fairly healthy person all my life because she tried to keep me that way (no daycare, sports, etc.) despite her inability to keep me snot-free every winter. I’ve never been hospitalized for bronchitis, pneumonia, or any other cold-related infection, but never have I had an “age year” (June 19th to June 18th) without a mild cold. Hi, by dame is Cyrus..ah.ah.choooooooo! Sorry.Would u repeat da qweschon?
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