is jacking off good or bad?

Q:is jacking off good or bad?
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You have to ask this.. because. I mean c’mon, can you not figure that out on your own, or go ask one of your friends if it is or not. Surely, you could have asked one of your friends for their/his advice.
it is for people who don’t have a life
i would say its good, altho i wouldnt suggest you very frequently, but thats just a matter of choice. ive heard that it can help your health to, decrease chance in prostate cancer possibly (prostate – your balls)
good, some say bad, but it can prevent some health problems later on. so it would be good
It is very healthy. um i dont think its bad.
it depends who you talk to. ask again after you start shaving your palms.
Depends – if you do it too much, you will wear out your penis, if you don’t do it enough, your balls will burst.Get a gf who can help – that way it will feel better doing it less often. burns calories
It releases dopamine in your brain which elevates your mood, it increases your heart rate and gives you a bit of a cardio-pulmonary work out, it exercises all of your glands and muscles in your vulva and vagina, making everything tighter, more well toned and keeping things functioning properly. It relieves cramps during menstruation. It teaches you about your body and how it works. I am sure that it does a lot of other great things as well.If you don’t masturbate, you are depriving yourself of a LOT of benefits.Masturbating effects our health in a variety of beneficial ways – not masturbating is what could be harmful.
I don’t think there’s any reason not to do it. I mean, it’s not like your penis will become useless or anything if you do it all the time. If you enjoy it, why not do it as often as possible.
Heres a good site I’ve heard of: (at bottom)Lots of info about Jacking Off (aka:masturbating) Source(s):
bad,if your mother catches you
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