Is masturbation injurious to health?

Q:I had an argument with my friend onthe topic abt masturbation what he told me is that masturbation affects sexual health & even causes digestive problems is that true?
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People have opposit arguements about it. some have advised you to do it and some have prohibited u. The answer lies in common sense. Even if it doesn’t affect performance of organism, but getting rid of sperms which are made of blood not water is waste of energy. So if you don’t masterbate u can save a lot of blood which will add to your good health. another thing is life becomes easier when u act on nature. If u don’t masterbate then after a month or a specific time period the majority of blood used to make sperms will be utilized in body and small quantity will release in wet dreams. It will keep u healthy. Ha Ha! Of course not!
Digestive problems? do you drink it after? It affects your ability to reproduce sperm quickly, but look up the affects having an orgasm is in terms of benefits to your health.The darker side of masterbation is what are you doing it over, and is it changing your view of men/women/sheep by doing it too much.
digestive problems? that’s a new one. hahaha lol no! it perfectly normal for mens! and of couse womens! lmao!!
Well if u do it ALOT and i mean like ALOT you culd probully lower ur sperm count. and i bet wen u have a chance at a girl u will *** to early cuz ur used to less pleasure lol Yes its all true, plus a lot more !Stop ruining your health, NOW !Most ignorant people will tell you otherwise,But what your friend said is all true and should be enough for any intelligent educated person to comprehend .Take Care and God Bless !
Hell No. Your friend is full of it. Masturbation is biologically required for all males over puberty. Its not something you can get out of doing. medically speaking no
No,but imagine if we all found THAT spot.and touched it constantly all the time.It would be like heroine !You’d have to go to rehab and have it cut out or numbed or something. I think that masturbation is injurious to physical and mental wellbeing of the individual. But there is no scientific evidence to prove the claim.
You will also grow hair on your palms! Come on now. Depends on how hard you stroke it! Don’t do it all day. Take a break. Your wrist might be tired too. You can injure your wrist.
nope..but if you make it a habit.hahaha BE CAREFUL DOING THAT, YOU WILL GO BLIND. LOL
Beats meOnly if your hand slips
I dont think so no. Study shows that men who masturbate and ejaculate 2-3 times a week are less likly to have prostate cancer. So i say do it its healthy! no it is not the release is healthy
i herd it was good for you from my doctor so keep on keeping on Only if you do it REALLY hard. Actually in men daily ejaculation is associated with a lowered risk of prostate cancer. So the opposite is true. Crank away! Oh, and occasionally try it with a partner I guess.
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