is there any disease that i can get from my cat?

Q:i like to kiss and hug my cat . is there any disease that i can get from doing this?
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no ive had cats ever since i was little and im 49. i havent ever gotten anything. now dogs are different you can get things from them.
Cat Scratch Fever In Ur Lymph Glands But Not Serious
humans and animals have been roaming the earth for as long as scientists can gather, doctors of today only know what is in print and what experience they gathered throughout their career in what they have read, what i am getting to is you, me, doctors, scientists, and anyone else studying this particular subject on animals is all trial and error. play with your cat but it is not necessary to kiss and hug as your cat does not know the difference, your just filling your own need, your cat will appreciate petting just as much? its your health. good luck.
Fleas, mites and worms are the things that come to the top of my list! I can’t think of anything else.
yes , and a scratch can put you in the hospital
The biggest thing I know about is ringworm.
you could accidently swallow some cat hair and get sick from that
I dont think so, but you never know. There might be cat flu going around.
No – as long as you have a healthy inside cat. It is possible to get Toxoplasmosis from Kitty Litter and this can cause birth defects so pregnant women should have someone else change the kitty litter. 328 diseases jump the barrier between critters and people
Yes. Toxoplasmosis. If you do not clean the litter box regularly you can get that. It causes upper respitory problems and in severe cases even death. Make sure to clean the litter box every day.
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