Is There I need a Real Asnwer,Is There Any Cure For HIV?

Q:Is There I need a Real Asnwer,Is There Any Cure For HIV?
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NO! There is no cure for AIDS. They are working on a vacine to prevent someone from getting infected. Yet if your infected with HIV or have full blown AIDS as I do, there is no cure. For the best information as I said to someone else’s question about HIV and AIDS, you can go to for all your information about HIV and AIDS. It is usually always up to date and the most accurate info on the web. I use the site all the time before doing speaking and teaching classes on HIV and AIDS.
nope, but they are working on it.
There has been one case in the UK where a man tested positive for HIV and then when he had a subsequent test he was completely clear. The HIV had disappeared.He is currently being studied and may be the only person to have had the disease and cured himself of it.Here is a link to an article about him:
There is palliative treatment for HIV/AIDS only. THERE IS NO CURE AT THIS TIME.
No. No one has ever been cured of HIV. There are drugs now that slow its development, allow people to live normally for a long time, but as of now, there is no cure.
No cure.. there are different combinations of drugs that they can try you one to help prolong your life.. but there is no cure
No, currently there is no cure. There are treatments that can keep a person alive with a good quality of life for a long time but sadly, no cure. Hopefully some day.
No.There are such things as anti-retroviral drugs which are very, very, very expensive, but can bring HIV cell counts down.As for a cure, no. Really all the drugs we have now prolong the change to AIDS, but inevitably HIV will turn to AIDS and attack the immune system.
HIV is treatable and levels can be brought low enough to be considered ‘safe’ [Magic Johnson]. AIDS is not cureable. yet.
no there isnt. my opion?
the only one that can cure HIV is Jesus if he can make the blind man see he can cure HIV and AIDS. but you have to have faith
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