Is there something wrong with my stomach ?

Q:Usualy when I feel hungy I start getting agitated and cand seem to focus on anything,it feel like my whole body is shaking and just can’t seem to do anything that requiers mental atention.Sometimes i eat and I still feel this senstaion and I don’t really know if it is hunger or something else,in the past when I ate good this feeling would stop but now it doesn’t even if I eat.My doctor is not of the best and to have some analysis done would cost a lot,I just whant to know is this is something serios.I have this thing for about one ywar and a half.
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Try taking small snacks between meals, does sound like you have low blood sugar. Next time at the docs, at least ask for a urine test with a dip stick, just to see if there is sugar in your urine. A very easy and cheap way to rule out diabetes. You may even get the sticks from a pharmacy.
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