is this wrong?

Q:When i masturbate i think of this girl at my school naked with me and us doing stuff. is that normal to think that way when ur masturbateing?
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you think of girls not guys so its normal That”s what masturbating is when you’re 12 years old, sadly enough.
well, you would have to think of something in order to get off right? It isn’t wrong at all. You can think of whatever you want, just use your discretion when telling people what you are thinking about. Thinking of girls or whatever turns you on isn’t bad unless you are an old man and think of little boys or girls, that is just sick and you should be thrown away. It really depends on the age. Judging by what you said, it’s not really wrong. You must have someone in mind even when reaching orgasm by yourself. If it’s someone of the opposite sex, so much for better.
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