Looking for a NONINVASIVE CARDIOLOGIST. Can you help us.?

Q:We are desperately looking for a non-invasive, non-interventional cardiologist. We need a doctor that prescribes non-invasive treatment, instead of surgery or interventional procedures.Thank you for your help.
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Where do you lives? Every hospital has noninvasive cardiologist. I can give you a few names of the cardiologist who are very famous and skillfulProf.Dr. Charles Chan Nien Shen, Dr. Arthur Lim, Dr. David Koo.. the three of them is working in Gleneagles Hospital now
Where are you located?You might do better in your search by looking up cardiac sonography/cardiac sonographers, and getting good leads that way.Otherwise, if you respect your family doctor, call him and ask him to recommend one.
It would help to know where you live.Virtually all large cardiology groups have both noninvasive & invasive docs. Look in your local yellow pages as a start.Then, ask your family doc for his/her recommendations.
Might I suggest you search for a Cardiac Nutritionist? 5 years ago I was put on a ‘6 month death list’ by ‘normal’ cardiologists since I refused X-plant. They gave up on me and as a ‘last resort’ sent me to the ‘nutcase lady’, so called because she feels diet and antibiotics are better treatments than what the “mechanics” do<g>. Needless to say I’m still here and doing *much* better than if I’d had the surgery<rofl>!
I’m not to sure you can find a dedicated cardiologist that does this. I think it is more dependent on what type of procedure would be involved as there are some procedures that must be invasive.
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