Lung Cancer question ?

Q:if you just found out that all those years of that bad habit, finally bit you in the but, and you now have lung cancer, would you tell anyone or hide it out of shame?
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Be proactive and educate all your family and friends on the dangers of smoking. Sometimes it takes someone close to you to really hit the message home.In return, they will give you the support that you will need while you’re undergoing treatments.You have to make the best of any situation thats given to you. Hiding out in shame solves nothing. Tell everyone. they are going to find out eventually and you will need all of the support you can get.
Tell some one. You need the support from your family and friends. I would tell because you will need all the love and support you can get. No one shames a lung cancer victim for smoking. The shock of finding out someone close to you has lung cancer is mind boggling. I am a cancer nurse. I administer chemo to lung cancer pts daily and I can tell you from personal experience, no one is shaming you. They are concerned.
I think you need to stop tripping about it because the more you think about it the more its in you. So my option is (keyword) “FORGET” that you even have it. no more needed to say its all in your brain
Tell as many as you can to help them stop smoking. Not sure if you’ve seen the commercial with the man who has a hole in his throat, but it is effective here in New York.Scary.
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