Magic Johnson and AIDS.?

Q:What are your opinions on the fact that Magic’s count is so low he basically has no signs of the HIV virus anymore? He credits this to eating healthy and exercise. Do you think that information may be helpful in the battle against AIDS and finding a cure? I think its amazing!
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No, the cure to AIDS is $$. You have $$, you have no problems. I think that he paid for the cure. There is probably a cure for HIV and AIDS but the government won’t give it to regular people like you and me cause it’s too expensive.
Possibly, eating in a certain way could keep the disease suppressed. But most certainly won’t get read of it. Also, Magic has lots of money so hes on the leading edge of medications against AIDS/HIV. That may also contribute to condition
i think magic is doing so well is due to him following his doctors advice in being healthy and his own will to live i think this disease like many others can be controlled with meds, eating healthy,and exercising if you follow your doctors advice you can live a long productive life a chronic illness doesnt mean that your going to die it gives you a chance to live
NO they have drugs now that will prevent you from falling ill with aids but only the rich can afford it
I think he is an amazing man. He is a survivor, and an inspiration to everyone. He took control of his disease and didn’t let it control him. I think that already is helpful in finding a cure because he donates so much money to AIDS organizations all the time.
As long as a person takes his/her meds, lives a healthy lifestyle, such as eating right and exercising, Doesn’t drink or abuse drugs, it can almost look like the person is without the HIV virus,although of course he still has it. It just depends where his CD4 count is at and his viral load is probably undetectable which does not mean he is without the HIV virus. He’s just taking good care of himself.
i think it helps to be healthy and wealthy enough to afford top notch medication. maybe he should think a little more about his roots and the suffering in africa. instead of raising awareness, he seems to hide from the facts.
It depends on the health you are in when you get it and how healthy you live after you get it. HIV has become a manageable condition just like diabetes. It also depends on the strain of the virus you get. He got the strain the was believed to be first generation, it has mutated since. People with HIV should not have sex with other HIV positiive partners for fear of reinfecting each other with different strains.
Money rules the world. the more money you have, the longer you can live with AIDS/HIV and the more likely you are to “beat it”
No I think he’s using all his money to buy the best drugs.
Magic Johnson is right. Eating healthy is the key. what he is eating is called glyconutrients, a natural food supplement.
It is good news that MJ has remissed. AIDS has become more manageable than before with multiple approaches to preventing the virus proliferate. Eating healthy and exercise also help in boosting up the immune system to fight any kind of infection. The prognosis also depends on when you start intervention. Any malaise with an organism as the source is bound to have a cure some day. A vaccine for AIDS however is still eluding scientists perhaps because of the rapidly mutating nature of the virus.
know that there is no cure for HIV if 1 year passes, it’s all advertisement
Although I do feel eating and exercise is key to life, in this particular case genetics definetely is a strong factor to why he is doing so well and responding to the medication. I don’t see how that is particularly helpful in the battle against AIDS, maybe just as a role model that you can lead a relatively normal life span.
Shows you what money can do.Paying for the best of care.
magic johonson is the mann first of alll. hes a beastt. andd the onlyr eason he is doing so well in his aids battle is because of the ammount of money he has..
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