midol for dudes?

Q:is it bad if a guy to take midol what will it do is there anything that could be bad for me
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Look at the main ingredients on the package. It’s just the stuff in Tylenol (actemepheion?) or Advil (Ibuprofen) Just a fancy name to cure a problem.
nope, itll simply cure ur headache or body ache thanks to its acetominophen (same as in tylenol).. it doesnt have any hormones or anything uniquely WOman (Xchromosomal) so dont worry… If its all you got, take it!If its not all you got however, take the other thing… lol…there period is on? or are they pms’in…
nope lol
WHAT? Guys get periods too? How comes I wasn’t notified of this?
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