My cousin called me and said she tested positive for HPV?

Q:What does that mean? Does that mean she gonna get cancer? Is it treatble?
More Answers to “My cousin called me and said she tested positive for HPV?
For most people HPV goes away on its own. There is NO cure, but most peoples bodies are able to basically fight off the virus and get rid of it. Also, just because she has HPV, doesn’t mean she will develop cancer or warts from it. There are over 100 different kinds of HPV and only about a 12 kinds cause cancer. So, unless she has one of those kinds she won’t develop cancer. The doctor can actually tell her what kind she has. She should ask next time she see her doctor. The virus itself (HPV) is not treatable, but warts can be treated and even cancer (if caught in time). Now that she knows she has it, the best thing she can do is get a pap smear done every year! This is the best thing women can do to detect any early signs of cervical cancer like abnormal growth on the cervix. Cervical cancer can be treated if caught in time, so it’s important that she does this!Check out these sites for more information:
It means she will be seeing a doctor on a regular basis.
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