my dad has liver cancer.?

Q:and it is to serious to get removed. He has to go threw kemo but he dont want to. I dont want to lose him how do I talk him in to going?
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you know chemo is difficult and sometimes only extends and makes life more comfortable, it has to be his choice, good luck to the both of you.
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To the person who said aliha will help you. Piss of you ****.
ask god to talk to him! Hope it works out
I am afraid it wont help him much ,best to let him make his own mind up about it
So sorry to here that. I have never had to worry about my parents having cancer. I don’t know what to say. But I will pray for him. I would however, if it was my dad do whatever I could to keep him alive and healthy.God be with you and your family in this time of challenge.
There is a famious movie that may help you “Ikiru” is the name and it is a Japanese classic movie. It is based on some of the same issues you are thinking about. They have it on Netflix. Also, part of the answer to what you can say to your father is to ask him questions about his life.One problem he may be having is a fixed idea about what the end of life ordeal is for him. Does he have an image about his end of Life. It is easy in this situation for him and you and everyone involved to be or think selfishly. Not putting you down or your Dad because my Dad died of liver cancer. He was terminally ill for four years. It is very difficult to go through no matter how it comes out, but in four years you will be put through any number of episodes of dying. A lot of it comes out of me or you as anger, fear self doubts and so on.Get some counseling and get it right away. As American’s we do not do death well. We try and hide death. What your father is doing is facing death. This is not all bad. Death will bring up every issue in the world that is within you or him or other family members.Find a spiritual leader to talk with as the situation progresses. You well need the help. Talk to your doctor about it. Do so for yourself and for him. Ask direct question, like, “What is the most important thing I can do for him at this time.” What can I do for other family members? and What should I do for myself? Do I need more than one doctors opinion? and of course ask the same question you have asked us today.Hang in there, it maybe a very long ride.
I’m not smart enough to give you an answer.You obviously love your Dad a lot.I’m so sorry.I’ll say a prayer for him. You too.
He will come around, if it’s recently known to him he needs some time accepting it himself. Love and support him, have his family with him. Don’t fight. Make sure you spend as much time as possible. He will come around to dealing with it and taking the kemo when he knows he has so much to live for.It would help if the doctors explained to him clearly the exact procedure of treatment. He is trying to come to terms with his situation, know that this is so hard and confusing for him. He will take it out on you but know that’s not how he really is and that he is scared. He won’t tell you, he needs you and his family most now. Be there for him.I hope everything goes well and you’ll have you dad back healthy. God bless <3 Allah helps you….What can I say…….
I understand your feelings, but it is ultimately his body and his decision. You will have to respect that. I lost my dad the same way.
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