My husband has to get a physical for a new job how can he lower blood pressure fast?

Q:Is there a way to lower it over night temporarily? He is exercising and eating heathier so it benefits in the long run. But he really needs to pass it. Any suggestions would be appreciated
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There is no way to lower your blood pressure quickly without being on medication. If his blood pressure is elevated then he needs to get this treated no matter now healthy he eats or what excercise he does. Hypertension is not something that would disqualify him for a job as far as I know.
What helps very much is not to eat or drink anything with high sodium (salt) Also he can drink lots of water, cranberry juice or hibiscus tea, which will have a diuretic effect and this will very likely lower his BP some. It works for me. Good Luck.
just like everyone else has said.lowering the salt intake from the diet, and diuertics could help. The fastest way would be antihypertensives, but if he’s not prescribed for them and even if he was, it could be very dangerous. He may want to pass this physical but you dont also want his blood pressure to drop too low where its life threatening. There’s just no real quick way in droppin BP. Basically just restrict salt and urinating a lot.
It could be, if he takes some medications, an antihypertensive that low blood pressure. Isn’t he taking already one of them? bcause he should, otherwise this high blood pressure will hurt him more than just dont do well in this phisical examRestrict the salt in the diet, dont do extensive exercise bcause it would not help, a 30 minutes walking everyday is enought, and thats itGood luck
Sorry, if he has high BP it will not go down overnight. When he goes in he can take several deep breaths and that automatically relaxes him some. When they take it he needs to take those deep breaths just before they start blowing up the cuff. It may lower ot a tad. But, they will put him on something to bring it down. Is it a Truck driving job? They will make him wait until it’s under control, depending on how high it is. The Dr. will make that call and he will know what is too high to work with so, trust him and pray it isn’t too high tom. But, he needs to stay on the meds and get check ups. They don’t call it the silent killer for nothing. There aren’t usually any other symptoms. that’s why he must keep on the program. Good luck tom.
Take one aspirin everyday before the test AND drink lots of water, and yes, avoid salt. When you add more fluid to the blood it naturally pumps thru the body with less force.
I can’t imagine that there is a way to lower it overnight, but I can make a suggestion that has lowered my husband’s blood pressure within 3 weeks and maintains it.In the same way, my husband tried dietary changes and cardio workouts, but nothing worked until he added ViaViente to his diet. It is a 100% natural, whole food juice. After 3 weeks, he went from 140+ to 117. After 3 months, he is at a stable 110. He does not take any medications and no dietary supplements. He swears by ViaViente. I can only recommend it and hopefully your husband may want to give it a try because it’s a natural way to keep his body operating at optimal levels.
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