my mother, with stage 4 lung, brain, lymph, trachea. diagnosed april 12. how much time do we have with her?

Q:i just want to get an idea of how long i have with mom? what should i look for when determining when i should go and see her? why is she so hateful and evasive about her health?
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A lot of times the medication that they are on will cause them to be grouchy and irritable. My mom passed away in February of this year with mouth/lymph node cancer. After she took chemo and radiation for a while, the doctors told her it was not going to “cure” it, she decided to quit them because she was so miserable, especially with the radiation. She had to have a feeding tube eventually because the radiation burnt her so much. Just remember, a lot of the things that they say when they are in so much pain and on so much medication for that pain, it isn’t really them talking. They are really scared and with my mother, the closest one to her (me!) pretty much got grouched at and at other times she said she didn’t want to be a burden on me. A lot of things will be said that she doesn’t mean, don’t take it to heart.Just spend as much time as you can with her, tell her you love her and remember the good times. I don’t want to tell you a time frame because it is different for everyone, but my mother quit her chemo/radiation treatments in December 05 and she passed on February 8, 2006.God Bless you and your family!!I agree with the person above, Hospice is wonderful and they really help. They are a blessing!! dont worry about how much time u have with her. just spend every second u can with her. stay by her side until she peacefully passes away rather than worrying when she will.
The answer is “not enough”. My mom was diagnosed with an insitu breast cancer and was doing well then she suddenly died from a brain aneurysm. It sounds like your mom is having trouble coping with her illness and may be depressed. It is hard to help someone that does not want to be helped. She may not be emotionally ready, but hospice can really help her and your family and give you the physical and emotional support you need.
i am here in the same spot with you my mom has cancer to they told her she has 6 months to live but that was 2 and a half years ago…she is still here to this day and i thank god very day for her…we have been though very hard time…all i can say is keep your head up no matter what they say or what people say…yuor mom needs you more now then ever…don’t let her see you down and out always be strong for her…let god do his part and hopefully everything will be okay….
Your mother is coming to terms with her own mortality. She is hateful because she is having trouble coping. She does not have very long, so time to make ammends and settle the scores with her. Tell her everything you ever wanter her to know because her health could take a turn for the worse in a day. Be there and clear your conscience if you have anything you need to say. She may have good days and then some really bad days. Just make sure you do as much as you can for her now, so you have no regrets later.I am a cancer nurse.
brain cancer can actually cause severe mood swings. just be patient with her.. the best you could do is make her live her life to the fullest possible until she passes away. take her mind off it, if shes still able to get out then take her out somewhere fun..maybe travel a bit. this is the most important time for you and her to really be together in every way possible.
count down the days, start her on hospice
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