My sister recently started having seizures?

Q:Tests have shown nothing, She has been to The Medical center of southeastern Oklahoma-OU research hospital in OKC and TMC in Denison. No one seems to know why she keeps having these seizures. They are triggered by heat. Food that is to hot triggers it and yard work is almost out of the question. The doctors have run test after test and have NO results. Has anyone ever experienced this or know someone who has. Right now we are running on pray and hope that someone knows something about this situation. any responce would be appreciated.
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My son has a form of seizures called fibrile seizures. They are triggered by a rapid spike in internal body temp. I was told that they cannot be treated by a medcinal protocol. Specialists have run hundreds of tests on my son. He does not have them very often. It was explained to me that the temp itself is not the issue, it is how fast the body temp rises. Ideally, if the body temp is increased gradually she would have no problems. I am not a professional by any means, just a concerned parent. This may or may not be what your sister is dealing with.I hope doctors are successful with her case and that all is well with your family very, very soon. Good luck and God Bless! 🙂
First let me say I am sure you are very concerned about your sister as I would if she were my know with today’s medical breakthroughs I am very surprised how they can’t come up with a diagnosis..why not try to reproduce in the hospital the same environment or give her food that causes her to have a seizure?..Have you called or checked with her insurance company about a second opinion?..Could it be psychological?..thyroid or pituitary problems?.keep on investigating and keep asking folks that may have experienced will find the answer..I pray for you and your sister..
I have a brain tumor.war brain injury. can be more susceptible to heat , because of swelling of your brain tissues . when you start getting hot.For me steroids can help in emergencies of the steroids have their own consequences.the people I talk to that have seizure disorders also have problems with heat. just part of the package.Hope that helps.
I had seizures for years and they could not find a reason, two times I even hurt myself from the seizure. One time I broke my nose and one time I put my teeth through my lip. Anyway, I finally found a Dr. who gave me a sleep deprevation test and found out that I have something with my left front temprol lobe, when other people get tired the brain waves slow down but mine speed up, and that is why I have seizures. I had been having the siezures on and off for probably 10 or 15 years, since I was 8 years old, and I couldn’t find out what the problem was until I was 22. Now I take topomax and I haven’t had a seizure for the past 2 years. Good luck finding out what is causing the problem in your sister.
My son has epilepsy and so the only things I know are how they tested him. Sometimes when they give an EEG, they can pinpoint exactly where in the brain the seizure is coming from. When my son had this test, they tried to trigger a seizure during the test to better tell where it was coming from. He has had countless MRI’s and CAT scans. I wish you all the luck in the world and I hope someone out there has the answer you are praying for. Homeopathy :-Can you please give her details i.e How and what she feels in her own words plus her medical history so an appropriate remedy can be prescribed for her seizures.Take Care and God Bless you and your Family !
Has your sister ever taken xanax,a friend of mine had seizures really bad and was on tons of meds,they told her basically that their was nothing they could do and eventually the seizures were gonna kill her.Well she stopped taking her Xanax and now she’s been completely seizure free for over 2 years now. This may not be the case with your sister,it’s just a thought.In any case I will put your sister in my prayers too cause prayer is a very powerful thing.
my family member do experienced it too. When she had seizure, we make sure the room is cool, to minimised the heat. She will then prefer to be in a dim area too. Activities indoor will be more preferable. Make sure no one she will not bite her tongue. Get ur sister to the neuro department, the doc there will do u a great favor. Take a closer look of her symtoms before and after seizure, it will be good for u to explain it to the doctor later. Hope the notes will help out.
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