My son (26) has kidney pain & headache? Might be? Free medical care Chicago area for college student?

Q:He also had a stiff neck earlier in the week, which concerned me greatly, but he thought it might be from being on his computer so much. He is attending school for his doctorate and is working 3 jobs so he is not getting enough sleep nor eating right. He does not have a fever. I told him if he doesn’t get to a doctor tomorrow I’m driving up there. He said “Mom, I’m 26 years old” but guys can be stubborn about going to the doctor although I know he’s a little worried because he was considering going to the ER. I think he might have some health care coverage with his college. Would also like suggestions as to where he might want to go with limited coverage. I think he’ll need to check and see what coverage he has.
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There’s a bajillion clinics in the Chicago area..what school is he going to? Most of them have free healthcare for students.
Why so much concern about the coverage? If this man is ill, then get him the care he needs by any means. Is his urine within normal? By that I mean the color, odor, and the amount of output. Is he taking any new medication OF ANY KIND? By that I mean speed to stay awake, diet pills with caffeine, any other illegal or legal drugs. Please keep in mind that I am only trying to consider all things here and do not intend to imply anything.Is he keeping himself hydrated? Tell him to drink water and or cranberry juice if his urine is out of norm. He sounds like he definetely needs to get some rest. But like you said, men are hard headed especially when it comes to taking care of themselves. If things don’t change for him in the next day or two with the extra fluids and the rest, then he should get to the doctor. Better to be safe than sorry.
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