nicotine addiction?

Q:I’m killing myself, gave my dog a tumor. Why is nicotine still available? DDT was killing animals ’til the 70’s, DDT was banned. Nicotine is killing hundreds of thousands of people! Getting to my problem. I have one of those machine to assemble cigarettes. A can of tobacco is $8 -$12, tubes are $2 a box. I spent less than $15 bucks for a carton worth of cigarettes a week. Commit lozenges around $30 for what a day or twos worth of lozenges. If I smoke a full flavor cigarette, I mean FULL flavor, how many boxes of lozenges would I need a week?.. I don’t have that kind of money, I need help buying the the substitute nicotine product. The huge tobaco settlement is funding sites such as . I asked one site for a coupon or voucher to help me buy such products, they sent me a bunch of advertising junk, dry erase board, oven mitt, half an inch thick pile of brochures. None of it helped! More encouragment to stop might be a little financial aid for the poor and disabled!!
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You can quit if you had to. If you had lung cancer I bet you would quit. I have smoked for 40 years. Tried everything including a Psychologist. It isn’t easy, but you can do it. Do not have any cigarettes around you. Do not even try one or you will be hooked again. When you are ready, you will quit without a “crutch”. It does not matter what drug, pill or lozenges you take. Quiting cold turkey is the only way most people quit and never go back.I am 60 years old. I have smoked since I was 14 years old. I watched my mother and father die from smoking. I now have COPD. I cannot breathe without oxygen. I had to quit work. I am a real mess. How many times have I quit? I can’t count them all. I just quit AGAIN 2 days ago. Financial aid is not going to help you. Nothing is going to help you, except yourself. That is the reason WHY crutches do not work. When you are ready you won’t need them…
Wellbutrin, if you have health insurance, it could be covered. It’s the same thing as Zyban, only Zyban is marketed for stop-smoking, and Wellbutrin is marketed as an anti-depressant, it’s the same drug!! Try going to your physician and asking about Wellbutrin instead. It worked for me! I agree. I once heard a drug counselor on TV say that nicotine is 10 thousand times more addicting than heroin. All that those lozenge, etc., do is try to wean you off nicotine. What you need is something to fool your brain into feeling that it doesn’t need nicotine. It hasn’t been invented yet.
Quitting ain’t that difficult. If you really wanted to quit you would have quit it by now. Blaming others for your mistakes shows weak character. I have tried cold turkey, patches, getting my ear zapped,Zyban, herbal stuff, and nicotine gum. I started smoking again. The gum helped the most. When you do quit do not think you can just have one. It starts the whole bad cycle again. Best of luck.
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