Ok Girls , time for that same old question…?

Q:that annoys so many…Penis size , forget all the surveys , from your own personal experiences , what have you found to be the average size ? and is it enough for good penetration ?
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as to not sound prudish or something.. If all girls remained virgins until marriage and didnt sleep around prior testing the waters. They wouldnt know what they arent missing and size wouldnt matter cause they’d only know their husbands size. Having said this.. I would say size doesnt matter, its how its used (unless your mans is about the size of a mushroom button) haha!
Like I’ve answered before, it’s not the size, it’s how you use it. Average is about 5 – 7. I’ve had various sizes and never found any problems with satisfaction. If you can penetrate and make her feel good then you’ve no worries, if she isn’t satisfied then buy some toys and combine.
well, average is said to be 5 inches for americans . .. whatever, I am Cuban > 7.3 inches, girth= 6.2 🙂 btw for the answer above (lol my girl cant take more than 3 rounds, after the first her vagina gets swollen ;/ sad howmany rounds you like ? 3 , 4? 🙂 Peace, know the average I dont know about satisfaction but they like to be hit in the back, is all about touching the sky inside! 🙂 hard
don’t listen to the women who say “it’s not the size that matters it’s how you use it” i mean honestly, do men actually believe us when we say this. that phrase was just invented to stop those insecure men from being upset ahhh bless, you cant help it if you have one the size of a tik tak, you might find a girl one day that really believes that size doesn’t matter it’s how it is used, maybe. but don’t hold your breath…
about 6 inches is average
Average size-range is about 5 to 6 inches allegedly.Of course, it wasn’t ever specified from what range of “average” men this figure was obtained. and its entirely possible they could be including a substancial number of old men who have a bit of shrinkage. so to speak. or possibly teenagers as well who haven’t finished developing.As such, while the average is said to be 5 to 6 inches. chances are that the average size for a healthy male in his prime should be just a little over that. From my own experience and the reportings of my bisexual ex-wife. most women cannot orgasm from penetration anyway. so I can’t imagine it will make a whole lot of difference physically… just psychologically. Bigger ones are just for show, essentially. Mine is wasted on me since I’m not even a fan of sex anyway . ¬_¬
ok it takes 2 inches to reach the nerves that cause stimulation in an average woman. So I suppose as long as you have that much your doing good. But i think most average size is 4 and a half to five inches.
If it’s the same old question, why do you keep asking it then? Surely you all know what the stock answers are going to be by now
I like anywhere from 6-9 inches but smaller if the guy know what he is doing maximise what you have is my saying! There are other ways of pleasure then full penetration
Is this a bloke asking I wonder. I really can’t answer for the average size. I’m a little old fashioned and prefer ‘making love’ as opposed to sex, therefore it’s the whole experience which the pleasure is derived from.The fact that you want to be with the person to the point of aching, the touch, the closeness and yes of course the penertration all builds to the inner satisfation rather than just sexual gratification.And it’s not just what you’ve got it’s what you do with it really does ring true.
you must give a guage on how big is the hole,
my fiance’s is around 6inch when erect and it works just fine. think the avarage size is around the 6inch anyway. but anyway, dont panic, size is not everything. it what you do with it that counts. if any girl doesnt like what you have thats there problem. not yours
Well mine is 12 inches, but i don`t use it as rule..
size do matter the bigger the better and i think you need a black man coz they have huge penises
about 6
size doesnt matter if you use it right
Average size is 5 to 6 , penetration is not problem, the problem of 95% men is that they cannot satisfy their wives in the first round which is less then 10 minutes for them…and I think 90% people have only first round…..who has patience for the second artificial round….lol..
Do the people who answer questions like this have no shame?
Like I said, if the guy knows how to use it properly, then there’s no reason to stress about size.In my case, girth is more a factor than sheer size itself. Plus when it is too “big” (i.e. like over 8 inches or so) it makes anal sex and deep throat impossible to explore!
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