Ok men i need help please only men !?

Q:ok kinda nasty Q but i need it answered please answer cause i can’t ask my dad or my doctor cause my doctor is a female and i don’t have a dad. Ok once in a while my balls go up really far and it hurts really bad and it makes me feel sick so i go to the bathroom and it gives me the runs. Any one know what is wrong please help!
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nothing 2 worry abt coz…if it would hav been tortion of testis then u must not hav been sitting here writting the msg(it an emergency with red and painful testis in young boys)…..i need 2 know the nature of the pain weather dull or sharp…at which time more or remain the same through out…any shifting or radiation of pain…ur age…for how long u r having pain…the most important .any history of trauma recently or in past..history of heavy weight lifing recently etc etc…….in a nutshell through history needed + examination..best advice is 2 consult some doctor..if u r not comfortable with female doc then no problem just go 2 any male one but do go…cheers
okay. that is a real problem. never happened to me but anyways.. yeah i don’t really like asking a female doctor about my body/puberty stuff questions. I have a female doctor too, but I started ask her if I can talk to her co-partners that is a guy. Then he sometimes isn’t there so i asked her anyway. I noticed that asking her isn’t a big deal. She is there to help you. Now i rather as her instead of a guy cuz if i ask a guy doctor i sometimes feel wrong cuz idk if he is gay or not. I would recommend asking a girl docter about ur balls problem.
please excuase me for being a girl but your in womens health and u should definitly go to the doctor. if your embarest to ask a girl doc then just ask for a boy doc for this one time! or switch
It could be because of a number of reasons, you really need to go and get a check up at your doctor…You really don’t have to worry doctors see parts of peoples body’s every day, to them its just like as-kin you to pop your tongue out and say “Rrrr” Honest they won’t be checking you out the doctor will have more concerned with whats wrong with you then looking at your penis and balls etc…If you feel that you can not go and see the female doctor then you are within your rights to ask the doctor if you can see a male doctor, or if you have a male doctor at your medical centre see if you can book in with them ! Good look and please do get yourself checked to be on the safe side..
You have mastoididis,not sure I spelled it right .Generally goes away on it’s own but if it don’t you will need an antibiotic.Fells just like you’ve been kicked in the nuts.Don’t forget to use protection and you won’t have to worry so much.
Ask your doctor
Ask your doctor anyway. So she’s female, so what? If it bothers you that much, get another doctor. Could be some kind of hernia.
Don’t be silly about going to the doctor about this. Women doctors know just as much as men doctors know and women doctors certainly have seen their share of a man “privates”. You could tell her first that you find it embarrassing to talk about this. It’ll help both of you if she knows where your coming from. This is something you definitely should see a doctor about. It’s the pain that concerns me.
You should definatly talk to your doctor. Id rather have a female doc messin around with my balls then a male doctor anyways wouldnt you.
is it a bad thing shes female?!
this has happened to me on ocasions.you do definately need a doctor buti don,t blame you for being reluctant to seek help from a woman doctor.i would not do so myself.when this happens place a thumb above your testicle and gently push down and in.this usualy relieves me
Don’t show this to your mom! It is very, very silly to have a young man see a female doctor. Just tell your mom “I need to see a male nurse or doctor” don’t say any more. Demand it! I am not kidding. You have rights.
if ur afraid of popping one in her face then get guy dr but if ur not then just got to ur female dr just remember that she is a profesional and has delt with this area of the male body
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