Overactive Sebaceous Glands?

Q:How does one stop oily skin?
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the only real way to reduce overactive sebaceous glands is to use accutane which shrinks sebaceous glands. gotta see your doctor for that. but i used it and it works great! pretty permanent results. very strong so you have to take precautions. but worth it if your skin is your biggest headache. Don’t eat as much. For most people, being in calorie balance or (better for longevity) in a daily slight calorie deficit will tend to stop overgrowth of skin and secretions of oil.Also, bathe regularly, particularly in the summer.
Semen. Use lots of it. i use proactiv solution, its wonderful, and i had the same problem, it cleared me up , no black heads no ***** pimples, no oil, try it.
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