Picking at a Hair Bump!?

Q:I was picking at a hair bump 4 days ago and the day after my bottom lip swelled enormously. second day my gums were burning swelling went down a little. i started taking some antibiotics. now i have Yellow puss coming out of where i was picking at the hair bump, and there is a yellow **** that looks like the puss but.. when i pull on it it feels like its attached to my lip like as if i was pulling on a hair from my bottom lip. I do have chapping on my lip because where the swelling is at. I have been adding warm cloth and peroxide every few hours and covering it with neosporin.. I need help! I just hoping its not a cold sore.. I havent had any of those sypmtoms, or the pictures i’ve been looking at doest resemble the one bump i have.
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there’s no sicker of a phrase than “hair bump”. go to the doctor. geeze. gross. picking at your hair bump.
Well Mister, I think you got yourself a staph infection from picking at your lip. This is not uncommon for a staph to relocate from your face area to a nicer climate, your lip. You’d better get to a doctor or an ER to get some antibiotics or? Good luck let them know why it started, they may have a look at it, it could be an infected hair that’s feeding it, it may have to be pulled out.
Go to the doctor!
sounds like you should go to a doctor. I dunno what is on your lip but it doesn’t sound good.
What is a hair bump?
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