Serious ? re: blood pressure reading: 152/93 pulse: 87?

Q:I am a 55 y/o female taking BenicarHCT40 mg daily; last dosage 6pm tonight (2 hrs ago) is this reading too high?
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a lot of factors depend on BP reading. A reading of 152/93 would be considered high for some one without hypertension, but depending on your readings of your BP that could be quite normal for you. Do you keep a blood pressure log of all your blood pressure measurements? Refer to your BP log and make sure you call your doctor in the morning to let him know the result so he may document it in your chart. Check your BP again tonight, while performing some activity, reading, watching TV, record it and any symptoms you may be having, and let your doctor know. It’s not serious unless it’s a repeated reading. I would re-check it three times in the next day, and if it remains high, then call your doctor to schedule an appointment. If it gets higher than 200, go in to the ER. Your pulse is fine so long as it is between 60 and 100. Age 55?The simple answer is NO.
Yes, it’s a little high– but I’ve had readings higher than that just because I was nervous. I wouldn’t necessarily worry, yet.
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