Skin problem- any ideas or advice?

Q:A couple days ago I noticed some itchy red bumps on my stomach and chest. Now they’ve spread to my neck and my back. At first I thought they were bug bites, but now I’m thinking maybe some kind of rash? The marks are small, red, slightly raised, and very itchy (especially on my neck). I haven’t made any dietary/ lifestyle changes that come to mind. Should I see a doctor or just wait this out?
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The amazing power of the internet! Everyones a ******* doctor! Go to a real doctor please. Dont waste your time listening to people that think they know what they are talking about.If it gets worse you will only blame yourself for listeniing to these idiots. GO to someone that has spent thier life learning about medical issues. Once again..GO TO A DOCTOR.
Any fever or breathing problems? Have you tried bathing to remove a possible allergen? Are you taking any medications? What are your best ideas about possible causes. Without seeing it I can’t tell you if it’s acne, an atopical allergic reaction, or measles.
It sounds to me like an alergic reaction to something. It may not have been something you changed, but rather a natural change in the environment, or even a small change of soap (like you bought the same brand but a different fragrance). I get reactions like this from time to time and they usually suck, but they go away on their own. I find that any type of cream with hydrocortizone in it helps speed it up and make it go away faster while soothing the itch. Benedryl or Cortizone work the best. You can find them in the first aid aisle next to the antibiotic ointments.
Could be an allergy! try alveno bath soak,and see a Doctor.Could also be a virus or infection.
Before going to the doctor. Go on Google and see if your symptoms lead to anything. They have doctor advice sites.
Try some Benadryl. Have you slept anywhere different? It could be scabies, or shingles. Hard to tell without seeing it. Do a google search in images, and find the closest thing to what you’ve got.
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