Sleeping naked?

Q:So I want to start sleeping naked, or at least in just underwear. The problem is my mom always wakes me up in the morning. I could ask her to stop and I’ll start using my alarm clock, but she will probably come in anyway because I have no locks on my bedroom doors. What should I do? I know it’s just my mom, but she is very conservative and I doubt there would be a positive response if she just randomly found me naked in bed. Should I ask if I can start sleeping naked, or what?
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is your mum hot? if so i suggest sleeping naked with the covers off, then when she comes in in the morning and you’ve got your morning glory maybe she’ll come give it a ride.
i remember when i stared doing this..i wud use the bed yea thats one thing..but its so exciting when you first do it..really it is
well inform your mom that you gonna start sleeping naked and appreciate instead of coming into your room, she should just knock and leave. It could be embarassing when you get erections in the morning, which is a common occurence. It’s a healthier way to sleep too. But make sure you change your sheets often..
Do whatever you want to do. It’s a free country.
I don’t think you need to ask for permission. If you have a lock on your door use it or put a sign on your door to please knock. I can’t because I have children in the house and even though they are older and knock i still have a fear that they will come in and see me naked so I wear shorts and a t shirt but try the lock or a sign and if all else fails just say hey I’m want to start sleeping with no clothes so can you please knock. I bet that keeps them away all together.
dont get shy sleep naked let her see u ,, nothiung to shy in this,, believe me u and she will get used to it slowly .. may be she like it too ..
Just tell her what your doing say if u bust in your gonna get a show she’ll stop
Tell her your plan. She should give you the space.
just do it, i’m doing it, why cant you?
your sujjestion of alarm clock is great but still as u r a grown up person u surely have some moral senses & dignity specially towards your elders i.e. mother.
Tell your mum that you feel comfort in this way. I think a mother will understand & cosider it or she will give you the best suggestion to do further.
As you get older a person wants to take more responsibility for themselves and their health, dress, hygien, and sleeping. You should feel free to discuss with your parents or your mom if dad isn’t around your desire to have a less encumbered sleep by having less on while you sleep. It would be courteous of you and would go a long way in protecting your modesty to let your mom know that you will be sleeping nude or just in underwear. Keep a pair of pajama pants by the bed side so that as you get up you can slip them on. If mom comes into the room have them in reach so you can put them on under the covers. Also, ask your mom that if she comes into wake you to please not remove the covers. That you are getting older and that in the morning you sometimes have erections and you would be embarrassed if she saw you. Parents will usually help and respect their childrens need for privacy. just do it. your mom use to see you naked all the time when you were little
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