sugar cane burning in hawaii and poisoning?

Q:last summer in august, i was 3 times exposed to cane burning on maui. i became very ill: coughing, blisters in nose that spread to throat, vocal chords, dripped down to stomach. then became nauseous and weak all the time, then bed ridden and heart problems, then blacking out when i went out to get food and then uncontrolled retching that was only stopped via IVs. could DDE and dioxin poisoning from the burnt pesticides used in the cane fields cause full-on diabetes as i eventually went into a diabetic coma? they burn cane 277 days a year, and i am still coughing . and now using insulin for the diabetes.
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the burning did not cause the aggravated your had diabetes long before then, it just became apparent when your body was may well have inhaled high levels of toxins. avoid a repeat. You got sugar poisoning. No kidding.Your lungs got coated with burned sugar. This is still very sweet and your lungs gave it into your blood stream. Your system went into overdrive. On it’s own you should have recovered but maybe you were on the verge of diabetes.It is possible your insulin production went into shock and still is not producing anything.In alternative medicine sugar use is a major reason for diabetes. You had an overdose big enough to cause this. I don’t see ‘the need’ to look for damaging toxins besides the sugar itself.This is just a theory.
Yes, it could. And it can certainly cause the other problems. If there is any way, you need to stay away from it.
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