tell me whether i am a gay or no?

Q:i have a close friend who likes me very much and me too, i cannot stay without him and we share everything in life with each other, i and he both of us like to kiss each other, sleep with each other and all these feelings come to us only when we both are alone, then we hug each other and kiss and finally penis against each other thats all we start crying and also once we decided to suicide also, these feelings come for me only on him and on nobody else and even he gets these kind of feelings only on me and on nobody else so i wanted to know how to solve this problem and he is my best friend and i cannot leave him , will my marriage life be affected with these scenes in life so what is the solution to this, i stay in bangalore in india, so can u tell where i could go to solve my problem reply as early as possiblei would be very thankful to you
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Well, if you like women too, then you’re probably bi-sexual. If not, then you’re both gay. The reason you’re probably don’t have these feelings for other people is because you’re not attracted to other people.
Yes brother,you r gay and in love with your best friend.Your marriage is in jeopardy.If this is been happening for a long time,just come clean with your wife.Take your lover and move away.I mean far away,where gay people are more excepted.If you have kids and they are old enough,they will understand.good luck.
I think maybe you’re bi, because maybe you like girls, but you have these feelings for your friend but no other guy. Maybe not. Maybe it’s all just a big infatuation. Who really knows? But it sounds like you are either gay or bi. Of course, you seem to be very close to your friend so maybe you’ve grown from friendship to being with him so often and sharing so much that you wanted more. Flaming.!!
you need some professional help. and yes, i think you’re gay.
If your feelings are bothering you maybe you should consider counseling. It sounds like your gay and don’t want to be. Please find a good therapist. Good luck
Um your GAY dude every watch that movie brokeback mountain watch it cause all the feelings you are feeling is in that movie you might learn something. Although i wish I never saw the movie, but you may like it. Also you might want to see a counsler they might could help you find your inner true self.
You could be Bisexual. It’s not like that is a bad thing. If you are married though, then you need to decide who you love more and stick to that person. Cheating is never a good option- straight, gay, or bi!And don’t kill yourself over this. Many civilizations use to practice homosexuality as it was normal.. it’s just people always try to influence others and try to start crap and rule the world. In truth, there is nothing wrong with it, just don’t cheat on your wife.
Sounds to me like you’ve seen Brokeback Mountain too many times..
Gays do not suicide. So you r not gay. Try to findout a girl friend and think about having sex and making baby. You will feel better.
u have to see a psychiatrist..or whoever who has a knowledge about mental dysfunction..sorry dude..but i think ur a gay..
Personally I think it is weird how you can’t tell. Second of all I am sorry to say.YES YES YES EWWWW!
well, I’m to be quite frank, i think ur still in the closet bcz if u feel that way for him and he feels for u than yes, i think ur gay.. I think if ur married, like u say ur, than yes it will affect ur marriage.. but it will be better if she would to find out now than in the long ran bcz shes and both of u guys can talk abt it like mature adults that u guys are.. but than again its all up to u to make that decision.. and its just my option
You are not gay, nor are you hetro, you have a certain quality that makes you a GREAT friend..but you have no sexual qualities that eithier sex might find desirable..your spouse is cheating on you, and your boy”friend’ cries when you touch advice is to grow comfortable being will have friends until night falls..and you will then be alone.not just sometimes..but every night.find a way to pleasure yourself.and get used to it.on especially lonely nights?..use the other hand to make it feel like your getting some “strange’.my friend you are less than attractive..but that should not stop you from bringing yourself to ectasy in darkness.take down your mirrors.turn the lights down low.and never..never go out in public again.stay inside.grow bitter.make claymation fugurines of “new’ friends..ones you can control..and then destroy if they upset you or do not obey only what you can grow in an indoor garden..and remove yourself from every social you grow used to your new life.learn to cast spells and watch every rerun of startrek.create make believe relationships with people that never lived.make up stories to tell are not gay..your are just..”special” long and prosper.. Source(s):..
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