They say if a guy masturbates 21 times a month , prevents Prostrate cancer?

Q:is that true?
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I doubt it but my ex doesn’t have any issues and I bet he masterbates 21 times a day now.ROFLMAO…
it sounds like a wise tale to me. i think your doing it cause it feels good.
No I think not. While masturbation may not cause any real harm (and I am sure of it), there is some evidence pointing it may lead to penile related problems later in life. Since the probability of complications through masturbation is so low – you might as well ignore it. Good luck.
Well if this IS true, what would 733 times a month wanking prevent…maybe civilization ?It would seem logical, to be serious for just the moment. The prostrate gland produces the semen in which the sperm live and move. If this gland is regularly depleted, then how can it grow, and cause urination problems for older men?Really, all the advertisements you see promote products/exams to older men, who may not be having as much uh, “relations” as younger men. If middle-aged men, or older men, would wax the dolphin more, would they have prostrate problems?? Excellent question, worth further study.. excuse me, I’ll be back.
No, I think you have to massage your prostate 21 times a month. Use plenty of Lubricant.
Who is they?
Looks like I’m never getting Prostate Cancer!
Statistics show that males that masturbate more frequently have less cases of prostate cancer. Wither or not this is do to the act of masturbation or that males that masturbate more often may have other traits that are common and these other traits could have an effect on prostate cancer.On the lighter side, in the event that it is true. For those uptight self deprecating religious zealots that believe that sexual urges (lust) is a sin and you are doomed to hell. It is could be considered a valid argument that if God wanted you to live a longer happier life, then it was his intention that you have sex more frequently than just once or twice a week and self gratification would be considered OK if it meant that you would be on Earth longer to do his work. I’m not trying to stir up controversy, just pointing out the concept of how reality changes depending on how you look at things.
sweet! what about 21 times a week? will I live forever
Someone lied!
Where do people come up with these crazy ideas anyway??
Yes that is true. However, you will go blind and develop hairy palms.
no. and by the way, thats the filthiest thing I ve read all day.
Yeah whatever! Any excuse for a guy to masturbate 21 times a month
Be careful not to reduce your body’s ability to make bone marrow!
I’ve heard that the more he gets off, the less likely it is that he will get that, yes.
That is probably why I have prostate cancer. I have aways heard if you don’t use it you lose it..21 times a month. I am ambertextrious(sp) but that amount is impossible; even with Pamala Anderson.
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