Things that go wrong on circumstision surgery?

Q:I am unable to sense or feel when I am through urinating
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There’s really nothing that could go wrong after circumcision not unless you develop an infection. Otherwise there’s no side effect from it. You must be experiencing another problems. Try consulting a urologist. If a local anesthetic was used or if a “nerve block” was used, sometimes it can numb or deaden nerve endings. You didn’t say how long ago the circumcision was done, but if it’s been more than a week or so, I’d advise you to tell your doctor.
I’ll tell you what can go wrong.let’s say you got an 8″ penis and the doctor is going to circumsize it then all of a sudden someone sneaks up behind him and startles him or maybe he gets the hiccups.then you’re left with a 2″ weenie and you are thanks!
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