Thyroid Cancer-Second occurance symptoms?

Q:For anyone out there who has had a second bout of Thyroid Cancer, what were your symptoms? Or was it diagnosed during an exam? I have Pappillary. Please also list which type of thyroid cancer you have. I can’t find any information on the web about second occurances.
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25 years ago I had thyroid cancer and lost the entire thyroidalong with all parathyroids and the major neck muscle on left side. I had chemo,radiation an three more surgeries.last week I had surgery .after cat scan my doctor found onelarge tumour under the jawline.very embedded with scar tissueand several small tumors located in the left side of my neck.I am waiting for results.I would definetly suggest a cat scan if you are having troubles,it will detect tumours that can not be found during a manual hands on exam.I hope this might be a bit of help to youif not message me with any specific questions you have.regards..and best of luck to you. i think it depends on what part of the body it recurred in, probably no symptoms early on and then the classic cancer symptoms if it wasnt detected. but im mostly just guessing and dont know for a fact.itd be a good thing to talk to your doctor about and get a good accurate answer.
you should be on synthroid which would keep the cancer from reoccurring, i had papillary, too. you should also be monitored by an endocrinologist who would be ordering a blood test called cancer markers to measure what is going on in your body
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