was asbestos used as a H.V.A.C. duct rap in residential homes ?

Q:The rap around my discharge air duct looks like an asbestos type of rapping.My home was built in the 1950’s.
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asbestos is a fire retardant that was easy to come by and very cheap so it was used in many materials.In all likelihood the rapping around your ducts is made of asbestos because it was used in the era your house was built.Companies will charge a fortune to remove even a small amount of asbestos.In the case of duct rap they a lot of times dont even wear a mask when removing. The reason for this is that it is a low risk factor because asbestos is only harmful if it becomes air born.I suggest you remove this rap yourself to save yourself the bill if you feel comfortable. To do this fill a spray bottle with liquid tide and spray the rap down (this will prevent the asbestos from becoming airborne) wear a mask of some sort as a precaution and slowly and discreetly remove it and put it in a garbage bag.Just think, the brake pads on cars used to contain asbestos wich would turn to dust and become airborne so in all likely hood you would probably have more of a chance of getting asbestosis from an old car than the rap on your duct work.hope this helps
yes it was but is dormant if unagitated, suggestion,paint over it or wrap duck or foil tape over top to seal it,, i work hvacr, thats the stuff /// going to cost abunce to get rid of it
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