What can i do to have a smooth face? i have rashes and white heads on my face.?

Q:this rashes seem to be results of allegic reaction to some spices in food or as a result of changing my face cream and soap, nothing i used seemed to work. if i discontinue the use of my facial cream and soap, it gets really bad after the 3rd day, meanwhile, the products do not remove the rashes. it only stops it from increasing.pls help
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Are you of black origins? Does that come with shaving? Only asking because black people are more likely to get ingrown hairs when shaving.. There are several products in the shops that could help with that!
You should really go to a dermatologist and dietitian. The things you eat seem to be taking a toll on your skin. Many people have to really work for good skin – it doesn’t come naturally for everyone, so you may have to take special steps to care for yourself. (Movie stars are on terribly strict diets, by the way.)You can start by drinking more water than you think you need to (peeing is getting rid of toxins that could otherwise show up on your skin) and cutting out grease. Lots of veggies. And remember, see your dermatologist
polish with sand paper
How sure are you that it’s a rash rather than eczema? A rash is usually quite quick to clear once you have found the irritant, a process of elimination will sort that out. N.B.Never buy cheap products and don’t use soap – use a skin wash creme like Sanex. Eczema will take longer to clear and flair up every now n then, again, don’t use cheap products, exfoliate daily and get a high quality moisturiser. You may not completely clear eczema, just stay on top of it.
try washing with a good brand facial scrub
sorry but our date in cancelled!try clearasil
You can buy tea tree oil, put some on a dampened cotton puff and go over your face, that should work, it will tingle a little, put nothing else on, do this before bed. change your pillow case every day for awhile. good luck
if u are prone to allergic reactions, then i would be VERY careful about using any products to get rid of the rash.. you could just end up irritating it even more. the only things i can suggest is that u either go see a skin specialist via your doctor or a reputable beauty salon that deals with things like skin problems, or if u really want to try a skin product, try using a product that uses natural ingredients – like those found in Lush shops. lush make fresh skin care and bathroom products. u can also order on line if u can’t find a shop near u. the have stores in both the uk and america.
well unless its acne witch is a whole different thing , you need to find what your allergic too and banish it from your life.
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