What causes fatigue in cancer patient who are NOT going through chemo or radiation therapy?

Q:My mom has pancreatic cancer and is SO fatigued. She is not doing chemo or radiation. It’s just wiping her out. What causes that? What will help? She can barely brush her teeth some days.
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It is probably a combination of a lot of things. I am sure her immune system is low so her body is trying to boost it, and it is trying to use what little it has to fight the cancer. It is also a result of the cancer fighting her, cancer needs energy to grow just like anyother cell in your body. I am sure she is not eating as well as she should be and so she is not getting all the nutrients she needs, and that affects fatique as well, As does fear and depression, which comes with having cancer.She should be taking supplements and trying to boost her immune system. If her doctor does not have any god suggestions find a nutritionist, natural doctor or alternative doctor, they are much better with supplements.I don’t know what she is doing or not doing overall for treatment, but this is what I am doing for my mom.I know how you feel, my mom was diagnosed with stage 3 non-small cell lung cancer in May, they did radiation and chemo which got rid of the cancer in her lung and lymph nodes in and between her lungs. But, it had spread into her bones and several other lymph nodes, they did more radiation and chemo but she and was only given a few months to live, that was in mid-august. I could not accept losing my mom who is only 43 so I did a lot of research and found what I feel is her best hope. I am currently in the Bahamas with my mother. There is a clinic here that has been in operation for over 30 years. We have been here for 4 of our 8 week stay, everyday is really inspiring. A lot of the patients stick around in the meeting room/ waiting room to visit, and share stories and catch up. There are 40 people all talking and laughing, talking about cancer and life. The returning patients talk about how bad their cancer was 4, 8, 10, 18 even 28 years ago when they started coming to the clinic, the cancer that has since disappeared. There is nothing dangerous or foreign to the treatment, just building up your immune system in a very effective manner that allows it to identify and fight the cancer. If you want to know more contact me or go to www.immunemedicine.com I cannot tell you how impressed I am with what I have seen and how my mother has already improved. I know one man who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, he skipped all US, conventional (poisonous, dangerous) options and went to the Bahamas and is doing great now. Another man who has been coming here for 18 years that had prostate cancer. People with just about every type of cancer. But, they are honest here, you send them your medical information and they will tell you whether they believe they can help you or not, and they will send you home if they don’t think you are benefiting. My mom has shown drastic improvements and is feeling so much better. and we are in the Bahamas so we are having a good Mother-Daughter vacation. When we got here she was on 75 mg of morphine a day plus 6ml of liquid morphine a day, now she rarely takes any morphine, and only occasionally takes Advil. Some of the pain she does get is associated with tumor kill, it happens to most patients as their immune system begins quickly destroying the cancer cells, it is a good thing.There are a lot of “alternative” treatments out there worth looking into. I have also done a lot of research on the Cesium Chloride/DMSO treatment and think that it has merit and you can do it at home.The clinic here believes that a supplement/liquid called VIBE works really well in addition to other treatments, I am going to look in to that some more.One very helpful website is www.cancertutor.comUS doctors push chemo and radiation, but when you look at the statistics and side effects it is not a good option for most people. My Mom had both before we came here and now that I know more about them and have researched them I feel horrible that I let her go through them. She was lucky (so far) the only long term side effect she has shown is short term memory loss. The stories I have heard from the other patients here about how they were treated by US medicine astound me. One lady went home to have a shunt put in her liver so she would be ok to come here, but they refused to put it in unless she agreed to do chemotherapy, is that what our country is about? Denying helpful procedures unless we agree to dangerous, toxic ones? The drug companies run US medicine at least when it comes to cancer treatment and it is sad. Most doctors will tell you not to try alternative medicine and some will refuse to even see you again if you do. To some degree they are not to blame, they have not been taught anything about it other than that it is evil and wrong and they would be rejected by their colleagues if they suggested alternatives.I am not saying that this will cure anyone, but I have seen dozens of people that it has helped and dozens more that are just starting, but already showing improvement. Please whatever you do, research first. I am so happy my mom is feeling better and I want to be able to help everyone else who’s parent, sibling, child, friend or self has cancer, I know how it feels to watch them get worse and watch the treatment make them more sick. Good luck! My prayers are with your family.
I have recently been diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer. Typically, you aren’t sleeping as well, it’s on your mind constantly therefore it’s wearing you down mentally. It’s not a pleasant thought altogether so the negativeness wears on you, along with endless Dr.’s appt., tests, surgery. It’s a lot of stress & depending on how you handle that or don’t can impact you greatly. Make sure she’s taking a daily vitamin, maybe an energy shake or drink daily, doing most of her errands & such early in the day, getting 15 min. of sunshine & walking or yoga a day. God Bless you & your mom. Also, her mental state is half the battle of the disease so try to help her with it as much as possible while taking care of yourself too. Prayer is a great source of strength for me as well as others praying too. She will feel that no doubt.
It is the cancer itself and the disease process that is sapping her energy. Take it easy. Rest when needed.Best wishes.
The cancer must be pretty wearing, I would have thought.
Her immune system is down and chances are she is also not eating well because of her condition.Look for food supplements in powder form to help her nutritional needs.
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