What color are my socks just guess?

Q:Ahhhhh yea just awenser the guestions who ever guess right before anyone els i will give the vote
More Answers to “What color are my socks just guess?
brown white
you’re the kid with the purple socks! black
blue 2 pointer, this question will get deleted
pink, purple, green, navy blue, black, white, off-white, red, orange, or tiedye? blue color
Green. fuzzy red
white sweat socks with two holes.one on the right big toes, and the other on the right heel.
I recon you have odd socks on, one blue one black the color of ur moma
orange white
foot fungus or Athletes Foot? black Well. They’re white, or blue, or green, or red, or purple, or pink, or black, or gray, or yellow, or you’re not wearing any! ;)P.S- pick the right answer yourself 🙂
barny colerd ones that have baby bob on them lol jk gray red
You are not wearing any! pink?
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