What do you do when your eyes bleed?

Q:cause mine are right now
More Answers to “What do you do when your eyes bleed?
call 9-1-1 and pray
Wet a washcloth with cold water; wring it out well; place over eyes & tilt head back.
Pull the contact out and go to the hospital.
Go to the emergency room. Something is not right.
1. dont drip on the keyboard2. remove finger from eye socket3. see a doctor
Doesn’t Visine say it gets the red out? Would that work?
broken blood vessels ,eye strain ..shut off the computer seek help
I was hit on the eye with a champagne cork it’s serious S**T. Do not delay!See a doctor
call a doctor quick. go to the ER. Possible a busted blood vessel or torn retna.
my only advice is to call your doctors office and ask for their advice. You may need to see him or her for help.
i stop acting so emo u punk!
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